Vampire Star

I read about a vampire star last night
And finally learnt that there exists a
term for what you are, for what you did to me

You see, a vampire star is a small tiny star
Seemingly harmless
That sucks the life out of the companion star
Slowly, hollowing the companion out

Growing, getting stronger and younger by the day,
While its companion fades and struggles to cope
With bygone days of shine and strength
Wondering what happened that the tides crashed

The vampire star sucks the energy and matter out of its companion
And the companion just feebly stands, not realizing what it’s losing

Until finally the vampire grows and grows and grows
Enveloping all that the companion was
As the companion finally collapses into stellar remains

You, were my vampire star
You came to me helpless, at the brink
Of life and an explosion
And I took you in, let you take whatever you needed

You see, I believed that I was helping you
Become the best possible version of yourself
So I didn’t mind losing pieces of me to the cosmos
After all, I knew I shined like none other

But you took and took and took
Until there was nothing left inside me
I gave up everything as you hollowed me out,
Took away my light, leaving me to explode into myself

But no more.

As I collapsed into myself
Each particle of my mass waning
Pleading to let go
Pleading to burst into stars,

I remembered.

I remembered how I was the star that shone like none other
How I had ample light within me, enough to feed several vampires like you;
How I had come back from the darkest of black holes,
And how the cosmos wrapped me in itself and taught me to be anew each time

As I burst into a cosmic explosion
Threatening to eclipse all around me
I remembered that I was a mighty star before you
And that I will be a mighty star after

And from my own remains I was reborn

I was reborn to be the brightest star
Burning through all of your remains
Burning through all that you sucked out of me
Razing all of your sins

You may have left me
at the brink of explosion
but watch as I build myself
To be the warmest star in this universe.








a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past.”

It sounds like Taylor Swift’s Love Story
And Linkin Park’s In The End

Tastes like pancakes with maple syrup
And warm sambar rice

Feels like sunsets on a Hawaiian Beach
And dinner table conversations filled with breathless laughter

Smells like Poison and Hugo Boss
And chlorine mixed with dew

It looks like 3 friends on bean bags making
Promises for a future they know nothing about

Most of all, it’s that memory at the
Back of your mind
You fleetingly experience
When everything is falling

It’s that feeling of right

Giving you hope for
All the wrongs

It’s that feeling of home.