Obligatory Introduction? Obligatory Introduction.

Hi there, and welcome to this cozy-ish place! (It’s under renovation ok, your fav Mc D’s wasn’t built in a day!)

My name is Lalantika Arvind. Nice people can call me Lalan.
My age, at least according to me is inconsequential. After all, what age would we be if we didn’t know the number?

If there’s something that bugs me, that nags me, that makes me go GAHH on the inside like something is burning  (yep, acidity) I write about it. I write and write until I’ve poured out all the rage and emotion.
And apparently, my rage an emotion and opinions can be somewhat amusing. Or so I’ve been told.
And I do love the rain, stars, seas, writing and revolution. So there’s definitely gonna be a lotta love on this page. (I grew up on DDLJ and HSM. Romance is an innate tendency now, even though for the most part it’s with inanimate objects)

Hence, I’m writing this blogh. Well, if you wanna know the latest on what’s causing me gastric distress, pop by occasionally and get first hand experience (well, more like second-hand I guess, but that’s just technicalities). And of course, constructive criticism is absolutely welcome. (Though don’t be a meanie-pie, meanie-pies are BAD.)

Have a good day mate!