Hi there! My name is Lalantika and I’m currently in between high school and college

I love reading, writing, procrastinating, watching movies and t/v shows, dancing in the rain, gazing at the stars, swimming in the sea, digging my feet in the sands of a beach, staring at blank pages and filling them with words and bringing about a change.
I also love talking about things like why feminism is a much needed thing (did you get that  sexist funny joke your uncle sent you on WhatsApp today?), or why mozzarella cheese is better than ordinary cheese(like have you seen its magnificent beauty?), or how certain institutions that govern are at times being stupid, or my favouritest of all: why Dean Winchester is better than Sam Winchester (like his hair, the way he’s passionate, the way he’s caring- I’m getting distracted, sorry).

And this is the place where I talk of those things, and a lot more.

So drop by, have a look around, and stay if you want to!

Oh and constructive criticism is very much appreciated.

Have a good day, mate ^_^


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