Death does not arrive
with an appointment
Death comes over like
a forgotten crony

Banging your door at 3am,
drunkenly stumbling to
Find the latch, giving you but
A moment’s notice, because death lands

Unannounced, unwanted, forcing
you to acknowledge its existence
Forcing you to enforce your
Ideals of hospitality and forget routine

Guest above all, guest above all, guest above all

Death does not care
For the movie you torrented
Or your daughter’s school fest
Or even that book marked at 281

Death only cares about itself
It bursts into your life owning everything
Hollowing out your existence and taking
Over your belongings, your cardinals

Death becomes the unexpected companion,
Accompanying you as your plus one
To every outing, from the market to the gala
Shadowing you and eclipsing all

And when death leaves
You are left to pick up the pieces
Not knowing in what dusty corner
it left behind its dirty laundry

When death leaves, you sit down and assess
Not wanting to address the silence that screams

When will death return?






10 thoughts on “Death

  1. I love how you you have put forward the harsh reality of death in a poem. Ive always thought about it- how it just comes and you cant escape it and how it actually wont wait for anything.

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  2. I love it as it’s so true! It also is a sign of growing wiser when one learns to accept death as the only certainty in this entire roller coaster that we call -life !
    Very well written Lalant!

    Liked by 1 person

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