Somehow, between food and music and
Books and movies and art and laughter
We found Paradise.

Because perhaps that’s what Paradise is.

It’s not some promised land,
But the area between shared joys.

That tiny sliver when you have something wonderful,
Something joyous in common
With another person?

That pure, untouched space
Where everything is good
And nothing hurts anymore?

That’s Paradise.



“When I Look At the Stars, I Feel Like Myself”*

I’d always loved sunsets and night skies.
But stars? They were one of those random items, at the back of my
mind, never really managing to grasp my interest.

Until one night, in a remote land
Far away from the city
I looked up.

And I knew, I just knew that somehow I had both
Lost and found myself
In the vast emptiness of the Universe.

I was always a lost, wandering soul
Always searching for that one thing
Or place, where I truly belonged.

And as the millions of stars blinked back at me in the darkness
I knew, that finally, after years of searching,
I was home.



*Title from ‘Stars’ by Switchfoot. Couldn’t have thought of a more apt line to signify what I feel, to be honest.