Broken Nails

Gone are the days when I used to tell you the minutest of details

When you were the closest person to me
Even though you were on the other side of the land

Now I try to send awkward messages to keep in touch
And with every enter I press I watch our friendship wither away.

Because I’m no longer the first person you call to complain about broken nails;
And I’m not sure if you want to know about my broken nails anymore.

Because every time I want to, I feel this wall between us.
Pushing harder and harder against me, suffocating me in all that’s left unsaid.

But you forgot about my claustrophobia, didn’t you?

It’s okay, because even if you’re not there, I’ll always be here, waiting
At the point where broken nails and triple sundaes meet.

You may have left the shore, but I was always too fond of the beach to leave.



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